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Paleocene Fossil Leaf - SOLD 2.25" Zizyphoides flabellum

Paleocene Fossil Leaf - SOLD 2.25" Zizyphoides flabellum

After the extinction of the dinosaurs, life on Earth underwent a new phase of evolution, with large mammals, huge forests, and a hot climate transforming the planet. During the Paleocene Epoch, plants developed new features and shapes to take full advantage of this new world.

This specimen is a 2.25" fossil Zizyphoides flabellum leaf that was recovered from private land in the Fort Union Formation in Glendive, Montana. It is dated to be over 56,000,000 years old, during the time of the Paleocene Epoch. The leaf's structure has been preserved very well in the fossil and features of the plant in life are still clearly visible.

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