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Dire Wolf SOLD 4.26" Jaw & Teeth Segment

Dire Wolf SOLD 4.26" Jaw & Teeth Segment

The dire wolf was one of the most successful predators of the late Pleistocene epoch, rivaling that of the Smilodon. Ranging from Alaska to Bolivia, this muscular carnivore dominated the North American food chain 100,000 years ago with its powerful bite and pack tactics.

This specimen is a one-of-a-kind 4.26" fossil segment of the dire wolf's iconic jaw. Embedded in the jaw are several teeth from the wolf, making this already rare fossil an incredible find.

Please note: A portion of this particular specimen was used in the creation of the Third Edition. After cross cutting the end, we loved the structure so much that we decided to keep it as is. It’s a unique view into these unusual creatures, which we are still learning so much about.

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