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Dromaeosaur Raptor Fossil Rib - SOLD 8.12"

Dromaeosaur Raptor Fossil Rib - SOLD 8.12"

This specimen is a 8.12" Dromaeosaur fossilized rib from the Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation in Montana. The specimen was recovered on private land and is an incredibly rare fossil. The fossil dates back over 70,000,000 years old.

Dromaeosaurids, also known as raptors, were a ferocious and swift group of dinosaurs that hunted their prey with sharp teeth and sickle-like claws. They were made famous by the 1993 film, Jurassic Park (though most were much smaller than the ones in the movie) and have become an iconic creature of the prehistoric age. This specimen comes with a display stand and certificate of authenticity.  

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