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Large Raptor Tooth - SOLD 0.98"

Large Raptor Tooth - SOLD 0.98"


Known popularly as "raptors," dromaeosaurids were a diverse family of feathered theropod dinosaurs. In addition to being feathered, members of Dromaeosauridae had long tails and an elongated "sickle claw" on the second toe. While this distinctive body plan suggests a link to birds, scientists are still unclear on the exact connection between these two successful evolutionary lines, though there is some evidence that smaller species could at least glide.

This specimen is a 1.12" raptor tooth fossil from the rom the Cretaceous Kem Kem beds of Morocco. Typically attributed to Dromaeosaurids, these teeth are nearly impossible to classify given the scarcity of complete skulls. Some research suggests that larger teeth (above 1") may actually be from small members of the Abelisauridae family of Ceratosaurian dinosaurs.

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