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Plesiosaur Tooth in Matrix - SOLD 2.17"

Plesiosaur Tooth in Matrix - SOLD 2.17"

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Above: Front of Specimen Card

Featuring a long, snake-like neck and a stout body equipped with slender paddles, Plesiosaurs are one of the most readily identifiable of all ancient marine reptiles.

This specimen is a Plesiosaur tooth embedded in matrix. It was recovered from deposits in Morocco and dates to the Late Cretaceous Period.

As pictured above, the exposed tooth measures 2.17". The surrounding matrix also includes a number of additional fossils. The specimen ships in a sturdy shipping carton. A small information card is also enclosed that also serves as the certificate of authenticity. 

Please Note: All Plesiosaur teeth will show signs of repair (typically small cracks repaired with penetrative stabilizers). Some teeth will be reassembled. This is the nature of this item and is completely normal. In some cases, we have opted to vertically orient the specimen in pictures to give a better view of the tooth.

Above: Examples of Plesiosaur Tooth specimens along with varieties in matrix. Matrix teeth with inclusions like this are rare.



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