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A Prehistoric Super Scorpion!

A Prehistoric Super Scorpion!
Above: Terropterus xiushanensis on the hunt! Source: Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology

Those of you with a fear of the ocean depths can have a new nightmare. Scientists in China have identified a new species of sea scorpion the size of a dog. The species, Terropterus xiushanensis, lived 435 million years ago in the Paleozoic ocean where it used spine covered limbs to grab its prey.

The creature belonged to the eurypterid group, a family of large arthropods that had long bodies and front limbs. To be fair, these creatures were not "true" scorpions, but that doesn't mean they weren't terrifying. With this species coming in at over 3 feet, we certainly wouldn't want to cross paths with one!

You can see the full study that identified the creatures right here!

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