Thylacine Remastered!

Thylacine Remastered!
Above: A colorized frame from 1933 footage of a Thylacine. Source: NFSA

In an amazing effort by film color specialists, footage of the last living thylacine has been remastered and stabilized in full color!

These animals, nicknamed the Tasmanian tiger, were a predators native to Australia. Their appearance and behavior was similar to other predators such as wolves and tigers, but the Thylacine was actually a marsupial, meaning it had a pouch to carry its young like the Kangaroo.

Overhunting and bounties from European colonists led to the decline and eventual extinction of the species by the 1930s and for a time the only source of a living creature came from David Fleay's 1933 footage of the animal. 

This footage has been updated and rereleased, showing the beautiful animal in full color! It's amazing to see the texture of it's fur and the new color makes its massive jaws really pop! You can check out the video at ABC news here!