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Samurai Sword Slice

Samurai Sword Slice

The Samurai Sword Returns to the Mini Museum Collection!

This is a complete slice of a 16th-century Samurai sword. Each slice comes in a small glass display case and is intended only for educational and display purposes. Slices are hand polished, but it should be noted that every slice will display some variation. Imperfections in the material have also been preserved and highlight the nature of this ancient blade's manufacture.

The current specimen comes from a katana attributed to the Osafune school in the Bizen tradition. Crafted in the mid-1500s near the end of the Muromachi Era, the blade is accompanied by a fragment of late Edo Period kamishino, the formal court garments of a Samurai.

The blade slices are cut using high energy electric discharge machining. This process is very accurate and ensures a uniform width across all specimens with minimal loss. While an expensive process, we use this method to share this item with as many people as possible.

Once cut, each slice is hand-polished in our shop to reveal the beauty and imperfections in the metal.

The specimen is enclosed in a handsome, glass-topped riker box case measuring 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". A small information card is also included.

Please Note: This add on is very sharp and should be handled with the utmost care. It is not a toy and should not be handled by children without extreme supervision.

In addition, we previously offered slices of a 14th-century, Ko-tō Period katana used in the Third Edition of the Mini Museum. But as we say, the sword is only so long and that item has completely sold out.

About the Samurai Sword

The Japanese sword is a symbol of unparalleled beauty and quality. Bound closely to the image of the samurai class, the blades are highly prized and honored by collectors all over the world. The history of these incredible weapons and the warriors who wielded them are intimately connected to the development of the Japanese nation and the culture of modern Japan.

The blade was selected with the generous support of Pablo Kuntz. Pablo is the owner of Unique Japan, a respected dealer of Japanese swords worldwide. While lovely, the blade has a number of micro-fractures that made it unsuitable, and potentially dangerous, as a collectible.

The purchase and use of this sword, as well as our previous sword, was reviewed and sanctioned by an ethics committee in Japan. The conclusion was that this would be a beautiful way to share the history of this magnificent tradition with people all over the world.

Would you like to know more? Read more about Samurai swords and our meticulous process in Blade of the Samurai!

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