Companion Guide - Second Edition

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  • Companion Guide - Second Edition
  • Companion Guide - Mammoth Meat Specimen
  • Companion Guide Backing the Second Edition Mini Museum
  • Companion Guide - Second Edition

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The Companion Guide for the Second Edition of the Mini Museum is a full color, 130-page, volume designed to enhance the display of the Mini Museum while providing amazing facts about the specimens included in the Mini Museum. The white cover is perfect to use as a backing while sharing the Mini Museum with large groups.

Please Note: There are TWO versions of the Second Edition Guide!

  • SOFTBOUND: The original, perfect-bound book which shipped with every Second Edition Mini Museum.
  • HARDBOUND: NEW By popular demand we've released a hardbound version of the Second Edition Companion Guide. This book is available for the same price as other hardbound Companion Guides.


Download the free, PDF version of the Second Edition Companion Guide.

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