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Super Spinosaurus Pocket Fossil

Super Spinosaurus Pocket Fossil

The Super Spinosaurus Pocket Fossil is a dinosaur-age specimen you can take on the go! Within this box, you'll find an all-in-one scientific collection, featuring a fossilized Spinosaurus tooth, an informational authenticity card, and a beautiful illustration of the aquatic dinosaur!

Please note: All fossil teeth will show some sign of repair or damage. This specimen cannot be returned or exchanged.

 The Super Spinosaurus Pocket Fossil box includes:

  • One Fossil Spinosaurus Tooth (~1/2"-1")
  • One Folding Information & Illustration Card
  • One black charm box for safekeeping

Topping out at just over 59ft long (18m), Spinosaurus is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever discovered. This family of giant theropods also happens to be among the most surprising creatures in the fossil record.

Nearly everything about Spinosaurus defies traditional thoughts about carnivorous dinosaurs. To begin, Spinosaurids are the only known family of semi-aquatic dinosaurs. They also had long, narrow skulls, almost crocodile-like in appearance, and their jaws were lined with conical teeth instead of the curved, blade-like ziphodont teeth of most theropods.

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