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Baltic Amber Pendant Necklace

Baltic Amber Pendant Necklace

NEW! This stunning amber necklace is now available in gold!

This necklace features a polished bead of fine baltic amber. All beads are teardrop in shape. The setting is sterling silver and surrounds the bead allowing for inspection of this unique time-capsule from all directions. Beads may include plant inclusions, arthropods, or other organic matter. The estimated age is 40,000,000-60,000,000 years old.

As pictured, the necklace comes with a handsome display/storage box and a small information card that also serves as the certificate of authenticity.

Two Material Styles:

  • 18k Gold - The pendant itself is plated in 18k gold. The 18" (45mm) chain is 18k gold filled.
  • Sterling Silver - All components of the necklace are sterling silver, including the 18" (45cm) box-style chain.

Sizing: The amber beads measure roughly 1" by 1/2" (21mm x 16mm). 

Color: Baltic amber pendants range in color from rich caramel to brilliant gold. The color can change hit with light from different angles. The pendant and amber samples below will give you an idea of the dynamic color range of this material. 

About Baltic Amber

When compressed and heated beneath layers of sediment for millions of years, tree resin undergoes a process of molecular polymerization. The result is a low-density, amorphous solid known as amber.

When recovered, amber is often dull, reddish-brown, or even gray. After polishing, amber practically glows. This glow has been prized by humans for millennia. Scientists often find objects trapped in fossilized amber. These objects are called inclusions, and they range from dust and pollen to insects and even fossilized lizards!

The largest amber deposits in the world are located around the Baltic Sea. Amber from this region, referred to as Baltic amber, is considered the highest amber quality in the world. Baltic amber deposits date from the Eocene period, some 40-60 million years ago. Scientists consider Baltic amber the greatest repository of fossilized insects from any age.

Above: Back of the specimen card.

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