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Devonian Fossil Coral

Devonian Fossil Coral

In the Devonian period, Earth was covered with vast oceans full of life. The first fish had begun to evolve and make their homes among the colorful coral reefs of the sea. These reefs were like undersea forests, providing shelter, nutrients, and a breeding ground for many different species of animals.

Coral itself is a marine invertebrate that builds an exoskeleton from calcium carbonate in communal formations. These formations are excellent material for fossilization and are able to be preserved in fantastic detail. This specimen is a piece of one such formation from the Devonian fossil beds of Assa Zag, Morocco. It is estimated to be around 360,000,000 years old.

The specimen ships in a padded box along with an informational card which serves as certificate of authenticity. Every piece is a unique pattern of fossil formation, with excellent detail of the prehistoric creature.

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