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Easy-Macro Lens Band, 4X Magnification

Easy-Macro Lens Band, 4X Magnification

Above: Slow-motion macro video of a honeybee taken with the Easy-Macro attached to an iPhone SE

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. This 4X macro lens embedded in a durable elastic band has enabled us to take so many great pictures on the fly that we've decided to carry it here in the shop.

Above: Mineralization Patterns on Spinosaurus Teeth - All taken with an Easy-Macro attached to a smartphone.

This fixed 4X macro lens works with any smartphone and any lens on the smartphone. We've tested it with numerous Android and Apple smartphones, including 2X and wide-angle lenses, and the results are fantastic. The focal distance is far enough away that they even work on specimens embedded in our acrylic Mini Museums.

The band comes wrapped around a credit card-sized piece of firm plastic which is placed inside a durable Tyvek slipcover. This allows you to carry the Easy-Macro in your wallet wherever you go.

Above: Tiny foraminifera (Star Sand) taken with an Easy-Macro attached to a smartphone.

We've used this piece of equipment in so many environments and we've yet to replace one. It's just one of those things that should be in every adventurer's toolkit even if those adventures go no further than your own backyard.

"Does it need any software?"

No. It works with your smartphone camera and the photo app on your phone.

"Will it work with an iPad or tablet?"

Technically yes, but the band is probably not going to stretch that far. It does work with every smartphone we have here at MMHQ.

"How does it focus with a fixed lens?"

Your smartphone handles the focus but since it is a fixed lens on top of the smartphone lens you do need to move close to the subject before the smartphone's focus will kick in.

"Can I use it for videos?"

Absolutely. Check out the slow-motion video we shot of a honeybee a few years back on an iPhone SE. 

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