K2 Raindrop Granite Pendant Necklace

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  • K2 Raindrop Granite Pendant Necklace
  • K2 Raindrop Granite Pendant Necklace
  • K2 Raindrop Granite Pendant Necklace

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Jewelry Details

This pendant necklace features a large, polished piece of the metamorphic gneiss described below. Measuring approximately 2-inches (~5cm) in length, the stone is displayed in a custom-made, sterling silver bezel which is strung on a box-style chain. The chain measures 18-inches (~45cm) and is also made of sterling silver. The complete necklace comes in a decorative box and includes a small information card about the specimen.

About the K2 "Raindrop" Granite

The Khaplu Valley is nestled deep In the Karakorum mountains of northern Pakistan. Part of the Greater Himalayas, this range is home to the second highest peak in the world: K2. Also known as Chhogori, the mountain rises 8,611 meters (28,251 feet), standing above other giants in the region.

These rugged mountains are composed primarily of metamorphic gneiss and granite, such as this piece. The blue “raindrops” are azurite, a soft mineral produced from weathering copper deposits. To find the two in combination is highly unusual and a puzzle that geologists are still working to unravel.


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