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Martian Atmosphere - Zagami Meteorite

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Martian Atmosphere - Zagami Meteorite

"Mars is there, waiting to be reached."

~Buzz Aldrin, American Astronaut, 2001.

The Zagami meteorite is an incredibly rare Martian meteorite which fell to Earth in 1962 in rural Nigeria. The meteorite was created millions of years ago when an impact on Mars' surface shot debris out of the atmosphere and into orbit. The strength of this impact also caused the rapid melting and cooling of rock, which sealed gasses inside the new meteorite. This means that not only is Zagami from Mars, but contains pieces of the red planet's atmosphere within it as well.

This specimen is a piece of the Zagami meteorite. Specimens are hand cut and measure roughly 4mm on each side and are around 0.08 grams, though there is some variance. The specimen is housed in an acrylic jar that is encased within a glass-topped riker display box. The box measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2". A small information card is also included, which serves as the certificate of authenticity.

Please Note: The Zagami meteorite is incredibly precious material. Due to its unique extraterrestrial origin, it is quite rare and there is very little in public hands.



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