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Mini Museum Illuminated LED Stand

Mini Museum Illuminated LED Stand

Please Note: The Illuminated LED Stand does not come with the Mini Museum. It is an accessory for LARGE Mini Museums only. Click here to see all the Mini Museums that are compatible with this item.Ā 

ImagesĀ shown with the Mini Museum are forĀ demonstrationĀ purposes only.

The Mini Museum Illuminated LED StandĀ is designed to highlight the beauty of each Edition, from the First to the Fourth and beyond!

Note: Mini Museum not included.Ā 


The Stand arrives completely assembled and is composed of three (3) simple pieces: the Base, the Cradle, and the Top Cornice. All three parts are injection molded usingĀ a PC-ABS blend of durable thermoplastics with a soft, white finish.

    Above: Stand unboxed with all accessories (Mini Museums not included)


    • Three (3) AAA batteries
    • One (1) USB Cable and Plug Set
    • Three (3) Color Filters
    • One (1) Reflective Surface
    • One (1) Clear MM1 Tray Spacer
    • One (1) Mini Museum Logo Sticker
    • One (1) Instruction Sheet

    The base features seven (7) LEDs. The LEDs are tuned to a color profile of 4300K (equivalent to natural daylight). The white color provides additional diffusion of light making the specimens really pop, especially those with reflective/metallic elements like the Amazon Water Vial.

    Three colored gel insertsĀ are included to allow you to easily adjust the color. The color filters are meant to be used under or on top of the Mini Museum. When placed under the Mini Museum, the color effect is very dramatic. When placed on top, it is more subtle. The filters can also be combined to create different colors.

    Above: Adding a colored gel to the top of a Mini Museum

    The lights are powered by three (3) AA batteriesĀ ORĀ the USB port on the back:

    There is a small 3-way switch on the rear of the base, as well as a Micro USB port. The switch is used to select the mode of operation (USB, Battery, or OFF). This allows you to plug the stand into a computer, wall outlet, or run cordless anywhere.

    The Micro USB port does NOT charge the batteries. The Illuminated LED Stand uses three (3) standard AA batteries which are housed in the base and accessed through a panel on the bottom.

    Sizing and Fit

    For the initial launch, only the Large size will be available but we are planning to create a stand for the Small as well.Ā 

    The Illuminated LED Stand works with all four editions of the Mini Museum (LARGE Only). As each Mini Museum is hand finished, there are small variations in the dimensions of each collection. To compensate for this, we've designed the stand so that the Top Cornice rests directly on top of the Mini Museum this provides a custom fit for every Mini Museum. In addition, a clear, horizontal spacer has also been included.


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