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Stegodon Bone Necklace

Stegodon Bone Necklace

Similar to modern-day elephants but with much longer tusks, Stegodons ranged in size from massive creatures rivaling mammoths to smaller, island-dwelling species. These extinct Proboscideans lived alongside our ancient Hominin ancestors during Pleistocene Epoch, but their roots extend back far further into the late Miocene Epoch some 11,400,000 years ago.

This necklace features a single polished bead of fossilized Stegodon bone from the Solo River in Central Java Province of Indonesia. Similar finds in this region date to 1.9-1.5 million years ago when the island was home to the dwarf species Stegodon trigonocephalus florensis as well as the early, tool-making hominin Homo erectus.

Each finished bead is hand-polished and sealed here at Mini Museum. Color, size, and pattern vary assuring each hand-carved bead is absolutely unique and beautiful.

Wear it loose or cinch it up: The black leather cord is very sturdy (1.8mm) and finished with a sliding slip knot that allows the wearer to easily adjust the length between 7" to 24" (18-60cm).

The complete necklace comes in a decorative box and includes a small information card about the specimen. The card serves as the certificate of authenticity and can be found underneath the padded lining of the display box.


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