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Viking Axehead - 6" Bearded Axe c. 900 CE

Viking Axehead - 6" Bearded Axe c. 900 CE

More than 1,200 years ago the Vikings left the fjords of modern Scandinavia and set out sea. Today, nearly every country in Europe has a story to tell of the Viking expansion, and the complex history of their many societies is slowly being rediscovered.

This specimen is a complete Viking Age bearded axehead which measures 6" in width. The item dates to roughly 900 CE and was recovered from a site near the Black Sea. In the 10th century, this area was part of the Varangian state of Kievan Rus'. This political state was founded and led by the Rurik dynasty, Norse traders, and Vikings who traveled south from Sweden.

The axehead ships in a sturdy carton and will include an individual certificate of authenticity.

Records of these adventures and Norse society were often kept in literary form known as a Saga. When we hear the word saga today, we often think of the "Prose Edda" which contains many of the mythological stories we associate with the notion of the Vikings. However, the saga was really more of a broad term used to describe nearly any narrative.

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