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7 Unique Science Gifts for Historians

7 Unique Science Gifts for Historians

Finding cool gifts for cool people doesn't have to be a chore.

Mini Museum has you covered with unique fossils, beautiful jewelry, and awe-inspiring displays.

Got a birthday, anniversary, or celebration coming up? Our collection spans billions of years, so there is quite literally something for everybody.

Make it memorable with Mini Museum! Here's a round up of 7 unique gift ideas and you can check out our gift center below!

1. Dinosaur Tooth

A dinosaur tooth is automatically always the coolest thing in the room.

This is a gift that's sure to "Wow!" anyone who receives it. A dinosaur tooth is a beautiful and recognizable fossil that shows the power of the ancient creatures.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who crazy and exciting experiences, a dinosaur tooth is the perfect choice.


2. NASA Apollo 11 Collectible



Own a piece of the Apollo 11 mission, one of humankind’s greatest achievements.

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves space, it’s a true piece of history unlike anything else you might own. How often can you give someone a gift that’s been to the moon and back?


3. A Personal Museum!


It's hard to shop for someone who "has it all," so why not just get them everything?

These acrylic collections are beautiful displays that contain a variety of specimens from over 4 billion years of history! Each even comes with their own guide book, so they can learn all about their new gift!


4. Fossil Jewelry



Why visit a museum when you can wear one around your neck? Our fossil jewelry spans many different species, styles, and ages! Check out spiral ammonites, dinosaur bones, and more! 

This is a great gift for someone who loves history and has a great sense of style too. How often do you get to wear something that’s millions of years old?


5. A Supercomputer!



Odds are you’re reading this text on your computer, maybe even scrolling through it on your phone. Nowadays computers can fit in our pockets, but that wasn’t always the case. When it was completed in 1975, the Cray-1 was one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, able to process data better than any machine designed before it. 

You’d have a lot of trouble carrying around a whole supercomputer in your pocket, but this chip and board from an original Cray-1 will fit just fine. If you have a computer whiz in your life, this is a perfect gift for them.

6. Real Chain Mail



Imagine the weight of chain mail on your body, at least fifty pounds of metal rings wrapped around your torso. Not exactly easy wear, but a must for the battlefields of medieval Europe. Maybe you should skip the full suit and opt for something more stylish!

This bracelet is made with real chain mail links. The material dates to the 15th century, at the tail end of its widespread use in armor. It's an authentic piece of medieval history that you can wear on your wrist!

7. A Meteorite from Mars

Do you know someone who dreams of visiting the red planet and wandering the Martian dunes? Unfortunately, visiting Mars is a long way off, but owning a piece of our closest neighbor in the solar system is a pretty good substitute. 

Millions of years ago, a meteorite impact on Mars propelled a bunch of the Martian surface into space, forming a new asteroid. The impact was so strong and hot that it also sealed in part of Mars’ atmosphere into the rock.

Now that’s a pretty good two-for-one. This new meteorite landed in Nigeria in the 1960s, a little present from the red planet. This is the right gift for anyone who’s just a little impatient to get out there and explore Mars. (It's also in quite limited supply, so when we sell out we'll need to update our gift list! 😂)

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