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In 1840, British geologist John Phillips coined the phrase "Mesozoic" from the Greek "mésos" (μέσος) meaning medial or middle. It was designed to represent the third phase of life between the current established ideas of ancient life. The Mesozoic, the Age of Dinosaurs, represents an enormous span of time in the history of life on Earth. Enough time for continents to drift apart and crash into each other once more, for seas to be born and die, and for entire branches of evolution to form and vanish.

Each specimen in this collection represents a snapshot in that era, a moment of life forever preserved in stone. With these spectacular fossils, we can visit amazing creatures that have been separated from us by tens of millions of years. You can feel the might of a Tyrannosaurus Rex between your fingers, study the bones of a sauropod, and dive deep into the Jurassic ocean.

There's no experience quite like holding a dinosaur in your hand for the first time. At Mini Museum, we think the best way to learn about the past is by making a connection with it. That's why we're proud to share these authentic items with you. What you see is not a cast or a replica; these are true fossils, each included with a certificate of authenticity. See what amazing things you can discover and bring home a dinosaur today!

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