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Glyptodon Claw - 1.60" with Stand

Glyptodon Claw - 1.60" with Stand

Glyptodons were heavily armored mammals originating in the Pliocene Epoch three million years ago. With their interlocked osteoderms forming a massive shell, plus a spiked tail for use in combat, Glyptodons flourished across the Americas up until just 10,000 years ago when they were hunted by humans migrating into the continents. 

While their shells provided defensive armoring, Glyptodons used their claws and tails to ward off attackers, but they could also be used to dig for food buried under the earth. This particular specimen is a Glyptodon claw measuring 1.60". As pictured, the claw comes with a small display stand. It also includes an individual certificate of authenticity.


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