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Crinoid "Feather Stars" Columnal Segments

Crinoid "Feather Stars" Columnal Segments

Crinoids are an incredible group of aquatic animals that attach themselves to the seafloor and filter feeds with beautiful feathered arms. These creatures are echinoids, an ancient and varied group of life. Crinoids emerged in the fossil record over 541,000,000 years ago and some species still exist to this day.

This specimen is a fossilized Crinoid stem segment that dates to the Jurassic Period. The animal's stems were made of individual endoskeleton pieces that exhibited 5 way symmetry. These pieces were held together by ligaments which decayed and spread the segments after the crinoid died and was fossilized.

Each fossil Crinoid segment specimen contains 5-7 segment pieces, carefully arranged in an acrylic jar set into a display case. An informational card which serves as a certificate of authenticity is also included.

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