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Dar al Gani 400 Meteorite - SOLD 1.036g

Dar al Gani 400 Meteorite - SOLD 1.036g

The Dar al Gani plateau in the Sahara Desert is a prolific site for meteorite discoveries. The area’s dry climate and lack of sand preserves the integrity of meteorites, while the bright limestone bedrock makes it easy to spot the dark fusion crusts of the extraterrestrial stones. Estimates put the find density on this plateau at around one discovery for every 2.5 square miles. 

This specimen comes from the Dar al Gani 400 meteorite and weighs 1.036 grams. The meteorite is especially valuable due to its parent body: the Moon. With a mass of 1,425 grams, it is one of the largest lunar meteorites ever discovered. DaG 400 consists of consolidated sediments from the Moon’s surface that were blasted off during a major impact event and shot towards Earth.

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