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Woolly Mammoth Tooth - 4.83" Full Tooth with Stand - Alaskan

Woolly Mammoth Tooth - 4.83" Full Tooth with Stand - Alaskan

A full-grown woolly mammoth, just one species of the genus Mammuthus, stood 10 to 12 feet (3 to 3.5 m) at the shoulder, with a shaggy coat of hair. The woolly mammoth's hair provided a substantial advantage in the struggle to stay warm. This specimen is a 4.83" full tooth from an Alaskan Woolly Mammoth.  As pictured, this beautiful tooth comes with a stand for prominent display.

Their high-crowned molars were pleated with ridges of enamel: somewhat similar to the dentition of the modern Asian elephant, but distinct from the fewer, diamond-shaped, enamel plates of the African elephant. The morphology of mammoth teeth and the distribution of mammoth remains suggests mammoths were predominantly grazers subsisting mainly upon grasses and sedges, a diverse biomass that the modern Arctic tundra doesn’t approach.

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