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How to Buy a Dinosaur Fossil

How to Buy a Dinosaur Fossil

It may sound surprising, but dinosaurs don't just have to stay at the museum; there are plenty of amazing fossils in the world available for personal collection and study! Collectors have been making hobby of displaying their fascinating pieces for many years and nowadays its easier than ever to join in and get your own dinosaur!

When looking to add a new fossil to your collection, there are a lot of exciting possibilities to consider, so whether you're a seasoned collector, looking for your first fossil, or want to get an incredibly unique gift, we have some tips to help!

First, think about the type of fossil you're looking for. Do you want a fearsome dinosaur from the Mesozoic? An ice age relic? A creature from the deep seas? The world of paleontology is vast and full of amazing creatures to choose from.

Make sure to consider the shape of the fossil as well. Your options here can be just as cool as the species! Trace fossils from certain fish leave behind imprints of their entire body, while tooth fossils are incredible pieces of million year old predators! There are even eggshell fossils which can capture the texture of a dinosaur's egg!

Dinosaur Eggshell, Spinosaurus Tooth, and a Wyoming Fossil Fish!

Think about where and how you'll want to display your fossil. Most Mini Museum specimens come in a classic, glass topped display case with an illustrated card to ensure they look great on their own or together!

Keeping good care of your fossil will be important as well. The amazing thing about a personal collection is that you can hold a piece of ancient history in your hand! Even still, make sure to be gentle when holding the fossil, as it is millions of years old. Try to keep it in its case or away from liquids and dirt if you're displaying it outside the case. If the fossil does get dirty, make sure to clean it only using water or vinegar and a microfiber cloth.

With these tips in mind, you're sure to find an amazing fossil to add to your collection! The experience of holding your own prehistoric creature in the palm of your hand is incredible and one we hope to share with fossil lovers like you! Ready to start your collection?

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