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Smilodon Bone - 2.68" Phalanx Fossil

Smilodon Bone - 2.68" Phalanx Fossil

Above: Front of Specimen Card

With twin, serrated, canine teeth measuring 8 inches (20 cm) and backed by 600 pounds (275 kg) of muscle, Smilodon fatalis is one of the most iconic animals of the Pleistocene Epoch. While the look of this stocky animal gave rise to its popular name, saber-tooth (or sabertooth) tigers are only distantly related to modern big cats.

This specimen is a 2.68" Smilodon fatalis phalanx recovered from private land in Florida. This species of Smilodon ranged across North America and into the western half of South America for roughly 1.5 million years, finally succumbing with other megafauna during the Quaternary Extinction Event 10,000 years ago. A authenticity accompanies the specimen.

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